Sunday, June 21, 2009

Math Fun!

Practice your math skills!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Last Day Blues....Summer Hooray!

Today was filled with many "last times"...
Our last time watching Liberty Live Together:

Our last picture together:

Last good-bye's to treasured friends:

Saying good-bye to our frogs that we grew from tadpoles. Mr. Ortiz will take care of them this summer before they are returned to the classroom to make new friends!

Our last chance to share ideas as Simi, with a little help from Grier, shares her science experiment. Her four squares began as 1 rectangle!

So although this is the official LAST blog entry for the 2008-2009 school year...please keep checking the blog. I will be posting activities students can do, recommended books to read, and MORE. Some hints for next year, maybe? I know I've got some exciting things planned to put a different spin on things, that's for sure! Plus, I will be at a writing workshop next week and a Literacy Workshop at Judson for 4 days later in the month. You never know what new and exciting things we will be, keep an eye on the blog!
Students: write me via your wiki reading response page if you want or comment via the blog post. You can also email me at school and I will get RIGHT back to you!!!
Have a GREAT let me know all about it!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday Tales!

Natalie got us off to a GREAT start reading the book The Wall by Eve Bunting. She is one of my favorite authors and it is also one of Natalie's. GREAT reading! GREAT book! Thanks, Natalie!

Simi got us started with our Science morning as she demonstrated the science experiment she had for homework last week. GREAT job, Simi!!!!

We rotated rooms with Mrs. Perrone, Mrs. Breitfuss, and Mrs. Karsbaek as we learned more about Balance and Motion. It was a lot of fun! Ask your child what they learned!

We watched the video The Tale of Despereaux as we ate our Popsicles for having the most donations per child in the Step Up and Make a Difference food drive. Congratulations!

Tomorrow is our last day. During our hour together we will write a letter to Mr. Ortiz who is going to take care of our class frogs over the summer. Then we will personally deliver our frogs to Mr. Ortiz. They will be in good hands!

Monday, June 8, 2009

May June Mystery Readers!

Monday Marvels!

We had a GREAT start to the day with Mia reading to the class:

After students returned from P.E. and music, we read a few more chapters of The Tale of Despereaux. We took a break to finish up our morning work and to finish our Multiage Memories Book. We even had a visitor who stopped in to tell us about Open Gym this summer at Nature Ridge. Check your Liberty Folders for more information.

We finished up reading The Tale of Despereaux and then watched a science video to prepare us for our science day outside tomorrow. Then....the BIG YEAR END PARTY!!!

And a VERY VERY special thanks to Mrs. Taylor who organized ALL the parties this year (and last year!) and to her parent helpers: Bradley, Nathan, Klara, Kendall, and Mashal's mothers! THANK YOU ALL FOR A GREAT YEAR!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Fun

What a busy and fun day! After art and ELL Enrichment time, Grier shared with us a book she is reading: Ida B. It's a GREAT book and I especially enjoyed listening to her as she synthesised the book!

Bradley read us another fun book. What a GREAT job as child of the day!

As we finishing up some of our math and writing projects, and as we worked on our Multiage Memories book, we had a wonderful surprised! Mrs. Torres, a teacher in our room last year, came to read! Last years students were so happy to see her!

Monday we have P.E. and Music, as it is a switch day. We'll have our end of year party in the afternoon. Tuesday, after lunch, weather permitting, we are going outside for some science experiments.

Have a GREAT weekend!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday Thrills

Anna did a WONDERFUL job reading a really, funny book today. I tried to get a picture of her and her toothless smile, but I didn't quite make it. TOO CUTE!

Today was a finish up our projects day. We had several math activities and writing activities to complete. If students finished their activities, they could read or they could write...their choice. They LOVE that!

Tomorrow will probably be more of the same, except we have ART and our ELL Enrichment time. Then...we might just have a surprise...but more about that later.

Monday and Tuesday are switch days next week because of the snow days. Monday is a Thursday switch day and students will go to P.E. and music. Make sure they wear their gym shoes. Tuesday will be a Friday switch day and students will go to art. And we ALL know what Wednesday is!!!