Saturday, September 29, 2012

Our first post!!!

All permission slips are in so we will start using the blog to communicate classroom news. Soon I hope to have students writing many of the posts, but for now... On Friday we had our first Mystery Reader: Allison's mom!
Allison was so surprised as well as the rest of the class. If you would like to be a Mystery reader...just let me know!
Friday was also our field trip to the U-46 Planetarium. We learned a lot about our place in space. Friday was another day of firsts: David was the first child of the day to read to the class. He read Creepy Crawlies.
This week we also participated in the O.R.E.O. Cookie project. We estimated how many cookies we could each stack and then had two attempts to stack the cookies as high as we could. Nadia was our top stacker with 30 cookies! We also caluculated the mean, median, and mean of all the results. On Thursday we had a cookie "stack-off" where Nadia competed against students in our hallway. Nadia did a great job and came in second. We are also comparing our results with classrooms across the country. In mid October we will analyze the data collected from all the schools. Enjoy the pictures.
We also had our first Word Watchers and they are well on their way to being Word Wizards! Congratulations Lily, Alyssa, and Patrick!!